The Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund to host town hall meeting on August 11th in Montgomery
Legal issues with current and potential legislative proposal affecting employees, employers and the medical community within Alabama will be discussed.

MONTGOMERY, Ala.– The Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Fund (HWCF) managed by Inspirien is pleased to convene healthcare practitioners and employers from across the state along with other invited guests. This is the first in a series of town hall meetings that will be held to discuss and develop proposed legislation in response to a recent court ruling in Jefferson County, Alabama.

The meeting will be held August 11, 2017, from 10-2 at the Inspirien Corporate Office, 509 Oliver Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36117. Please visit the website HERE to register, limited seating available.

On May 8, 2017, Circuit Court Judge Pat Ballard in Jefferson County ruled that both the $220 cap on permanent partial disability and the 15% attorney fee cap were unconstitutional. Since no portion of the Act may be severed from the entire piece of legislation per Section 25-5-17, Ala. Code (1975), the entire act was held unconstitutional. This order has been stayed at the present time to allow the Alabama Legislature sufficient time to act. The order can be read in its entirety here: Judge Ballard’s Order.

“Postponement of the order allows us to come together with our partners and peers across the workers’ compensation industry to swiftly assess and address the situation,” says Margaret Nekic, President and CEO of Inspirien, Manager of HWCF. “We are committed to challenging this ruling and/or supporting passage of legislation to preserve the Workers’ Compensation Act. We have retained a prominent workers’ compensation attorney, Frederick L. Fohrell, Wilmer & Lee P.A. to help lead and facilitate this effort.”

“A viable workers’ compensation system is essential for recruiting and maintaining successful business operations and jobs in Alabama,” says Mr. Fohrell. In this forum, Mr. Fohrell plans to discuss the current constitutional challenge, past legislative proposals, future options and the possible impact on all Alabama workers, including those in the medical community.

About HWCF
The Health Care Workers’ Compensation Fund (HWCF) provides workers’ compensation coverage for hospitals and other healthcare related entities in Alabama. The fund is managed by Inspirien, a provider of insurance products and services to the healthcare community in Alabama. We focus on risk mitigation and protection for patients, facilities and employees.

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